Bojo do Luar, Vinho Tinto Deu Pinote (2019)



33% Arinto, 33% Alvarelhão, 33% Vinhāo

Deu Pinote is born of equal parts of Vinhāo, Alvarelhão and Arinto out of the granitic soils of Vinho Verde. The Alvarelhao is macerated for 3 weeks, everything takes place in stainless steel. This low-intervention wine is a lip-smacking red wine, filled with red fruits and violets; super refreshing! Fermented with ground chestnut flowers to help stablize the process. It has the same color as Cambon Beaujolais, think of it as somewhere between Beaujolais and Les Clos Des Carterries in style (11.5% alc!).

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