Butter Unsalted Ronnybrook Dairy

SIZE: 8oz


Hawthorne Valley Farm was one of the first dairies in the United States to be certified organic. Year round, we provide our cows with a natural, grass-based diet.ÊDuring the growing season, the cows graze the pastures day and night, and in winter they eat a mix of stored forages harvested from the farm. This careful management andÊtending leads to happy cows, healthy soil,Êand delicious dairy products. We use milk from our own herd of 65 dairy cows here at the farm, as well as collaborating with other local, grass-based organic dairies, ensuring the milk to be of the freshest and highest quality. We remain committed to fostering regenerative agriculture not only on our farm but throughout the region. By collaborating with fellow grass-based organic dairies who share our vision and values, Hawthorne Valley nurtures more land and nourishes more people than ever before.

All of our products are 100% certified USDA organic and our Alpine, raw milk and plain yogurt are certified Biodynamic¨.

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