Sea Urchin Carboniste, Extra Brut Pinot Noir Rosé (2019)



A product of much inspiration but not imitation, this brand has been born out of our love of sparkling wine and a desire to reimagine sparkling wine in California. CARBONISTE is dedicated to making sparkling wines that are modern and reflective of grape and place.

Our 2019 Sparkling Rosé of Pinot noir is a fun and fresh sparkling wine with notes of wild strawberry and guava. It pairs well with a wide range of fresh foods including uni (sea urchin).


This wine is assembled from a range of cool-climate vineyards from which we source our Pinot noir and Chardonnay including the Santa Cruz Mountains, Marin County, and Anderson Valley. We consider these to be the best appellations in California for sparkling wine, and we carefully select barrels that help us create this unique sparkling rosé.

Winemaking (Traditional + Modern)

After harvest, grapes were pressed whole cluster and settled for 1-2 days as juice. Clear juice helps to retain the purity and focus of this wine. The juice was fermented in barrel with native yeast at 60-70°F for 3 weeks. The fermentation sediment was kept with the wine until bottling without the addition of sulfur dioxide. The wine was bottled with fresh yeast and a small amount of sugar.

After 2 months in bottle, the yeast had consumed the sugar, the sediment was removed, and we added back a small amount of wine and sugar. After a light dosage, the bottles were capped again in order to preserve the natural youth and freshness of the wine. We prefer crown caps as a final closure. They are safe and easy to open, and they are trusted across the world to age wines before disgorging (including Champagne!)

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