Castello di Stefanago, Provincia di Pavia Pinot Grigio Campo Piano Macerato (2019)



Pinot Grigio

The land and the people a double signature for these wines. We are in Lombardy, in the hills south of the River Po, between 320 and 470 meters above sea level, in the Company Organic Wine Castle Stefanago, here and Giacomo Antonio Baruffaldi grow grapes and produce their wines. Commitment, passion and constant search for innovation in the traditional elements that inspire their work.

At Castle Stefanago wine "is made in the vineyard" and all grapes are only grown on the farm. Riesling for the "San Rocco", one of the most representative wines of the company, from the Pinot Grigio "Camp Ground" and a second harvest of grapes ripening in the "Autumn Harvest", Müller Thurgau grapes for " Sparkling White "fermented in the bottle.

The Castle Tower Stefanago, with its thousand-year history, dominating the landscape, the view opens over the vineyards and hills of Oltrepo Pavese. A Stefanago the cellar becomes a convivial place to sample cold cuts, cheeses, pastries and enjoy together, to know, to understand the wines of this region are the most significant expression.

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