Domaine le Bout du Monde, L'echappee belle (2018)



Syrah and Carignan

The end of the world. If there is an equivalent to this in the French wine world, it is certainly Lansac, a tiny village in the Côtes du Roussillon. This is a landscape so remote that 80+ years old vines on steep hillsides go for half as much as flat vineyards, which the large, industrial growers can spray and machine harvest. It is a land where it is still hard to sell good wine because the reputation of the region has been marred by these same industrial growers. It is here in Lansac that Edouard Laffitte has rehabilitated an abandoned winery to fly his flag and reclaim this region for drinkable wine. Farming 6ha of vineyards that are never sprayed with chemical herbicides or pesticides, only plowed, Edouard makes fresh, joyful wines that are vinified according to their soil type (shale, gneiss, and granite). Everything is worked by hand from start to finish, and (of course) organically.

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