ES Okay, Pinot Gris Mendocino County (2019)



Sustainable. 24% Pinot Blanc, 24% Chenin Blanc, 24% Grenache Blanc, 20% Riesling and 8% Piquette (made from Grenache Blanc and Riesling). The 2019 is a playful blend made from many white grapes Mike made for Rootdown. The Pinot Blanc from Rivin Ranch were fermented in 60-gallon neutral barrels, and the Riesling from Cole Ranch in 500-liter neutral barrels. The 20% of skin fermented grapes this year were Grenache Blanc from Redwood Glenn Vinyeard and Chenin Blanc from Herringer Vineyard. The grapes were naturally co-fermented on the skins for 5 days in a 500-liter neutral barrel. The Piquette was fermented on skin for 11 days in a 1-ton vessel and pressed to tank for elevage. Sulfur <10ppm.

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