Iuli, La Rina (2018)



The Cantina Viticoltori del Monferrato is a small cooperative founded in 1998 with a clear aim: combining our individual experiences in viticulture, selecting grapes, managing the land and winemaking to produce Barbera del Monferrato of the very highest quality.

The cellar is based in a traditional 17th century Piedmontese cascina in the village of Montaldo di Cerrina. Its vaulted cellars provide an ideal environment for both the winemaking area, (equipped with small stainless steel tanks), and two barrel halls - one below ground that maintains a stable temperature all year round, and one at ground level where the wines undergo malolactic fermentation.

The vineyards are situated in the south of the Lower Monferrato, around the villages of Cerrina Monferrato, Odalengo, Sala Monferrato and Quarti di Pontestura. Instead of the comfort of having a single area of vineyards around the cellar, we have preferred to have a variety of unique terroirs and to value the old Barbera vineyards in the region. The vineyards are all in interesting micro-climates, but share the white calcareous clay soils that mark the wines.

Low yields per vine give the grapes complex and elegant aromas and lays the foundation for structured, full bodied but at the same time elegant wines. We currently have 18 hectares in production, nine of our own, and nine on long term leases.

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