Kirinzan Brewery, Classic Futsushu





Kirinzan take immense pride in their entry level ‘futsu-shu’ meant for everyday drinking. Blend of Gohyaku Mangoku and Koshi Ibuki rice milled to 65%. All grown by small farmers within 5 miles of the brewery. Faint aromas of peanut shells, light bodied with notes of hazelnut and toasted brown rice. Definitive dry finish.

Kirinzan is a sake maker with more than 170 years of history. We are located in the town of Aga, in Niigata Prefecture - the snowy center of Japan’s finest rice-producing and sake-producing region situated 300 kilometers north-northwest of Tokyo. Our motto is ‘Brand sake begins with individuals working in harmony’. We produce fine sake made with 100% local ingredients with the goal of contributing to the richness of our customers’ lives. This is the sole desire of Kirinzan Brewery.

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