La Marea, Albariño Skin-Fermented Alternate Cut (2019)



Sustainable. 100% Albarino. Kristy Vineyard, within western bench over the Salinas River. The soils are based on what is colloquially known as ‘Chock Rock’, with is a high calcium silicious sandstone shale, essentially the ocean floor sedimentation of plankton and seashells mixed into the sand dunes, compressed over time and lifted by the westward mostion of the North American plate. The winds off the bay that move down the valley and the quality winegrowing soils create a site that, while not picturesque, consistently produces among the best albariños in the new world. Pulled aside four barrels of one of the components of our Kristy Albariño to showcase a different side of what the vineyard and variety can do. Destemmed and left on the skins three days, and fermented with a ‘pied de cuve’ yeast harvested in the vine rows, this is a broader, funkier ‘alternate cut’. Briny, more savory, salty and textured than the main Kristy Vineyard release. 100 cases produced.

La Marea, made by Ian Brand of Le P’tit Paysan, is a tiny winery focused on single vineyard Spanish varietals “rooted in the sea, the soil and the sea air”. Brand believes Monterey and San Benito to be some of the most ideally suited climates in California for Spanish varietals like Albariño, Grenache (Garnacha) and Mourvedre (Monastrell). The proximity to the cool ocean waters Monterey Bay provides an optimal climate for Albarino while the warmer San Antonio and San Benito Valleys closely resemble the Spanish regions where these grapes thrive. This region, once the site of a shallow ocean bed millions of years ago, is one of the few spots in California with a high percentage of limestone found in the soil which gives the wines a high naturally acidity. As with his P’tit Paysan wines, Brand works with fruit harvested at lower Brix, ferments using a combination of native and cultured yeast, and favors neutral oak.

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