Villa Job, Venezia Giulia Sudigiri (2018)



Sauvignon Blanc

From 15 year old vines planted on a combination of marl, clay and silt soils and are hand-harvested in early-September. The grapes are not sorted and spend two days on the skins before spontaneous fermentation in open barrels begins with indigenous yeasts. Aged in concrete for six months, then three months in old barrels (4-5 years old) and then spends 2 months in bottle. Unfined & Unfiltered.

Soil management and selected vintages allow our sauvignon to express all its elegance (elderberry, grapefruit). We have three different clones, each of which allows, along with the strips of the terroir, give notes and very different complexity.

The six hectares that make up Villa Job have been in the Job family for generations. Alessandro & Lavinia were working in Milan when they met - he was a business manager/ engineer and she worked in marketing. When Alessandro inherited the land at Villa Job, Alessandro & Lavinia made a life change to return to the land and become vignerons.

Alessandro & Lavinia have stayed true to the land - they farm biodynamically - the wine is made with native yeast and very little if any sulfites. To quote them...."producing wine is a moment of joy and happiness. We are indeed proud of having the honor to represent our territory and put it in our bottles. In doing that we are employing methods which are aimed at improving and enriching biodiversity within our vineyard and around it.

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