Wonderwerk, Free Your Mind California (2020)




Andrew and Issamu on this wine: “Free Your Mind is a novel co-fermentation of skin-fermented Riesling and old vine carbonic Carignan. The idea is to be more than the sum of the parts. At its core, Free Your Mind is an aromatic skin-fermented Riesling. When the Riesling begins to ferment, pressed carbonic Carignan is gradually blended in via pump-overs. Our goal was to conduct a layered extraction of Riesling skins; first in a water matrix (Riesling must, with little to no alcohol), followed by an alcohol matrix (mid-ferment Riesling, with pressed late-ferment carbonic Carignan).”

Grapes: 50% Carignan, 50% Riesling

Vineyard: Sandy Lane Vineyard (120-140 yo head-trained vines of Carignan on sand, Contra Costa County AVA, Antioch, CA; sustainable), Zabala Vineyard (old riverbed in Arroyo Seco AVA, Soledad, CA; practicing organics)

Making of: Carignan underwent 2 weeks of carbonic maceration as whole clusters before being pressed to tank and fermented nearly dry. Riesling was de-stemmed and fermented on the skins with twice daily pump-overs and occasional punch-downs. At approximately 1/3 Brix depletion, Riesling pump-overs were instead conducted with the pressed carbonic carignan, yielding a red riesling fermentation cap. The pressed carbonic Carignan was integrated into the Free Your Mind cuvés over the course of one week. Once dry, the wine was pressed to a stainless steel tank, where it underwent malolactic fermentation. Produced without fining or filtration, with 30 ppm sulfur added at bottling.

Personality: a chillable orange-red wine hybrid!

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